Whitney Johnson and "Dare to Dream"

My name is Barbara. I love to write so I dared to dream that someone else would read it.

Whitney Johnson’s blog Dare to Dream asks us to dream about what we can become and then act on it. There are lesson to be learned from Whitney no matter what your age. I, for one, have started visiting her as often as I can. I am 65 years old but I have discovered that we are never to old or to young to dream, set goals and set out to act on them.

I have for as long as I can remember written the first line of a novel…every day. I would awake in the morning and a line would come to me. It would be profound or funny or trash can worthy. But I have always done it. When I was a child I tried writing a novel. The first line was wonderful and if I remember it right, it was about children and screen door slamming. I could not do it because I had know idea was a story even was. I needed above all to write but could not understand what I needed to do. Fifty years later and hundreds of attempts at writing, my son introduced me to the weblog idea. I could write, design a web page and publish so that others could read. I could finally see my dream come true. I was off and running.

A major hurdle for me was coming up with an original idea. Then I realized that there is no such thing as an original idea. At least that is what I have come to believe. I am so taken with the meme concept for this very reason. Ideas are often sparked by another person’s writing. Then we take that idea, change it slightly, and add a branch to it.

When I posted the Heroes blog the other day it was because I had read Whitney Johnson’s blog, Dare to Dream. Whitney is the kind of writer that likes walking around an idea. She explores it from every angle and then finds a metaphor to define what she is wants to say. She asks thought provoking questions and leads you gently to a place where you can wander off on your own. I have been reading her blog for several months now. Many times I need to return again and again. She invites me to the table and entices me to think. The heroes she wrote about were more light hearted than mine but when she arrived at her final point you could see why the metaphor she chose was so relevant.

I might add that I think our heroes are very different because we are the products of different generations and times. She wrote about Samatha of Bewitched and I about George Washington Carver. I had no TV or at least not until I was in high school. If I had. I would certainly have listed Beaver’s mother June Cleaver. I loved that June cooked in in a dress covered by a frilly apron and never lost her sense of humor. In Whitney’s blog June Cleaver would have been described as having learned “to be the ship AND the harbor, the hero of support AND the hero.”

Whitney Johnson has three projects that she is working on. Know Your Neighbor is a religious based site that she owns. And of course Dare to Dream blog is hers. She is also the financial advisor for the new magazine Organize. Go to the Organize website. I think you will find her biography very interesting.

Have a dream filled Sunday.



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