My New imac!!!!!

The other day I posted a poem for a prompt. It went

Traveling, serenity.

Family, love, memory, ocean tides are all the same.
They are in her mind.
The place she travels most often.

It was about my Imaginary Life. Barbara’s Travels is where I write about my life both intangible and real. While I do travel and am getting ready to do so again next month, most of the traveling I do actually happens inside my head. In one day just this last week I posted a blog about teachers and traveled to Jeff Utech’s website The Think Stick that is written in China. I then traveled over to David Warlick, writer of the 2 cents worth blog. He lives in North Carolina I believe. Even though they are a world apart, in my head these two men are only a click away. When you add this to Other blogs like Taylor Made Design (Massachusetts), Tongue in Cheek (France), Kalilly Times (northern California) you can see that I do get around a lot… inside my head.

On that same day my husband and I traveled to a local Apple store (we have three in our area believe it or not) and bought me a new 20″ Mac computer, had it up graded with more memory, got a a new printer and a nano ipod. We actually got in a car and drove for about 30 minutes so I guess you might count that as a bit of traveling. But inside my head this store is a whole universe away from the rest of the world. Even when I click!

The education community owes such a debt of gratitude to Apple for making it possible for so many educators to have wonderful, easy to use computers in their homes. We have owned an apple computer since our youngest son was in his early teens. He is 36 now. I had an Apple computer in my kindergarten class room so that I could pilot programs and recommend vendors and programs to classroom teachers in our school district. Several other teachers at the kindergarten level did the same thing in each of the elementary schools in the district. That was over ten years ago.

I will have to admit I have traveled a great distance both in my head and in the air since those days. And I have to thank my computer for much of the travel that goes on inside my head. My new computer even smells new and my head is about to explode. I am fasinated by the way the screen simply sparkles. It makes the one I used in my classroom look like a Model T. I love where my computer takes me, who I get to talk to, and the adventures I find.

Thank you Apple Computer. You just keep getting it right!

Todays Picks:

Wired is a magazine for computer geek and those of us that just like to tune in and watch. It had a great article about X Prizes and other big money prizes for what seems like impossible achievements.

Paris Breakfast is just a fun blog from a New York artist. You will love the words and the art. She also has a blog called Paris Breakfast Art. If you love art, water colors and New York I think you will love this one too.


3 thoughts on “My New imac!!!!!

  1. What fun you have connecting with the world through your computer! I can't imagine your life without all of these connections. Congrats on the brand spankin new computer. Norah

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