How not to publish a story!

When AdSense posts those ads in your blog you hope you will get someone to click and maybe earn $.01 today. I do it just for fun. Then this morning I really looked at what was there. And I clicked on it!!! The ad said that someone like me could win $1000 to write children’s stories. It seemed perfect. I had a story and I was going to submit it. After all it is just fun to have a real reason to write and a little competition never hurt anybody.

I went to my word processing program and wrote the story saving it to the desktop. I was thinking I would publish later because the due date is not until December. I looked at my Twit bin to check on the Typhoon Wipha and the eminent arrival of our new grandchild. A message came saying I needed to uploaded a newer version of iMac. Being the good scout that I am, I did it immediately. During this process the computer had to be restarted and all programs were closed by my computer. I think at some point within the last few days I had also asked FireFox to quit telling me every time it was going to close all the tabs. It became a bother. Are you getting the picture here.

As an added element AdSense continually rotates ads in and out of my blog. So, within an hours time, everything can change.

Now, I thought, I will go back and read the legal part of this website to see if this is really what I want to do. No tab. No ad. No history. No website. Darn I hate it when I remind myself of the story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. I still have the story (thank heavens) and an opportunity to share it will appear before long. But you all know how it is when you are on a quest. I am feeling a little frustrated right now. Do you want to see the story? Let me know.



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