Welcome Amelia Mabel…we love you already!!!

Last night as we were going to bed a phone call came from our son in Shanghai, China. Amanda, his wife, was in labor with our new granddaughter. I hung up the phone and turned on the ichat function on our iMac new computer, clicked on iChat (built in) video, invited Amanda and Andy to chat and within a few seconds I was looking at Amanda in her hospital bed. Andy gave us a visual tour of her room and we told her we loved her and turned the video off. We were jumping up and down with excitement. We then watched the Twitter account as her family talked with them online too. We had an ongoing converation as the labor progressed. Some time before she went to the delivery room we went to bed. My second computer with my old iSight camera went into the bedroom with us.

About 2 in the morning our time Andy called. After I found out it was him I hung up the phone. I turned on the iChat video, invited them to talk and within a few seconds we were looking at our beautiful, brand new granddaughter. She is so beautiful. I clicked a couple of photos while I was at it. The picture above is the one Andy sent in an email. You can see why we are so delighted. Now Andy has two boys (living in the states) and two beautiful girls. We dropped back off to sleep and my last words were , “Amelia Mable and Madeline Anna”. Nine grandchildren! Life is good.

Welcome to the world
Our new daughter Amelia Mabel.
Born 3:48 PM Beijing time on 9/24/07.
7 lbs 12 oz, 21 inches long.
Twitter Account 9H Ago

2 thoughts on “Welcome Amelia Mabel…we love you already!!!

  1. Oh my goodness! iProudGrandma.com should be VERY thrilled! What gorgeous little ones! How wonderful that you could share so closely in their experience without the plane trip to Shanghai. I am thrilled for you both! n

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