What a bargain grandchildren are!
We give them our loose change,
and they give us a million dollars’
worth of pleasure.
~Gene Perret

My granddaughter is a middle school cheer leader. My grandson is a bicycle rider. My other granddaughter loves Taekwondo and yet another works at McDonalds. The fourth granddaughter is a volleyball player. Another grandson has played in the band and took fencing lessons this spring. My 8 year old grandson has played soccer but has decided that Taekwondo is going to get his attention this fall.

So one day could conceivably include a bicycle race, a volley ball game, Taekwondo competition and a football game where we would be more interested in the cheerleader than the game. We could stop at McDonalds for a shake afterwards. I had no idea that being a grandmother would keep me this busy! Smile!

I have a 4 four year old that is just interested in being with her new baby sister and mom/dad. The baby that will be here in March may just surprise of all…in fact I am counting on it. The other 9 certainly have!



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