On the Road….Again!!!!

allen beilschmidt, sr. ( View all photos by this person) I have been photographing for 12 yrs. I have been in numerous galleries in South Jersey and can be found on the web.

Why is it that I want to talk about things before they actually happen. I do not worry, if I can help it, about bad things that might happen. I prefer to only endure a calamity once. But I do love to talk about the pleasant things before, during and after they happen.

I do it with books. I will write about a book before I am finished, especially if I am loving the ride. I talk about up coming hair cuts, painting my house and buying a new car long before these tasks are completed. I just love the anticipation, the wondering, the visualization of an adventure not yet experienced.

We are leaving for a couple of months next Tuesday. We are driving in our car this time. No RV until we get to Arizona. Just motels, restaurants and a time share for one week of that time.

Our first stop will be in Bandon, Oregon. Bandon Dunes, one of the most revered golf courses in the Oregon, is located here and we will take a look at that place. However, there is a tournament so we will not play. The cost is also prohibitive. We will, however, play near by.

A bed and breakfast awaits our arrival and we will eat lamb chops in a restaurant because this is premier sheep raising country.

I am visualizing the trip and having fun already. My husband will hear me say “I am so excited” many times before we depart. Barbara’s Travels is taking to the road again.



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