The Journey: Writer’s Island Prompt

photo from ichat
Maddie in China

It was not a long walk for a little girl and she came often. It was very green there. She could see and smell and hear and feel the greenness of it all. A fairy lived close by she thought and she pictured painted wings fluttering through the air. The trickling of the stream sang a melody with the buzzing activity everywhere. The sun made sparks of blinding light flash off the water.

A little girl, a Madeline or a Susan or a Barbara, played in the grass. She had a limp doll under her arm and a rock in her hand. The pocket in her apron groaned under the weight of found objects needed for some uninvented project yet to come. The wagon she stood beside had been a carriage for her doll and would eventually hold the objects in her pocket. But for now it stood empty, waiting to be filled, a lifetime yet to come, a journey as yet unfinished. A fairy dancing to the melody of the water, was somewhere hidden under a fern. The little girl smiled and the world smiled back.



3 thoughts on “The Journey: Writer’s Island Prompt

  1. Thanks for the stories indeed as they help with the connections… especially when we’re homesick and missing you as much as we are at this exact moment!!! Keep having fun and enjoy a casino (or two) for us!

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