The Waiting Room….RVers coming south again!

The Pink Lady

The Painted Lady was awaiting us. She is a pink flamingo made of wire and twinkle lites. A neighbor presented her to us before we had unpacked and I was thrilled. She, like many of the women here, has lived at several doll houses. Shes happy has long as the residence are alive and around. But when they disappear for one or another reason, she moves on to the dolls house with the lights on. She might be a little flighty but you can’t help loving her. She just makes you want to stay at home. So I think that is what we will do.This place is such a restful and welcoming place to be.

The flowers are so gorgeous and sunny here. Tree are green in a desert kind of way, gray green and lush. The cactus is so beautiful in this setting. I wish I had a photo of the sunset. I always forget about them and am awestruck every year as though it has never happened before.

We have vacationed for two weeks and for some reason have delayed returning. I don’t know if it is the enticement of doing nothing and the fear of idleness? Or is it the lack of privacy we were avoiding? Was it the fact that we were returning to the “Waiting Room for Heaven” and what that implies? We both did not not want to come here. We just didn’t want to come here yet. But when we woke up this morning in the beautiful World Mark Vistoso Resort we knew that the time had come. We needed to go home. So here we are. They had changed the combination on the gate

and they would not let us in. We knew that we were in the right place and just laughed. It was as though the RV park knew we had been avoiding it and was having the joke this time. Snow birds will be flying with in the next couple of weeks. Flocks of them. The temperature is in the low 80’s. Golf is cheap now and seniors view that as an excuse to come early to the land of sun. We are just trying this season out. I will let you know how it is.

Note: Stayed in the Napa Valley, San Fransisco, Palm Springs, Rancho Vistoso Resort (north of Tuscon)

We are now in an RV Park called Rincon East in Tucson, AZ.


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