The Flamingo Story Continues part 3

Theadora was a myth. She did not really live. But when the flamingo came to stay with us I had to give her a name. And with every name there is a story. This is hers.


Isador Duncan, mother of modern dance. (1887-1927)
Picture from Wikipedia

Theadora used to say that she had a sister named Isadora Duncan. Isadora was a famous dancer and was supposedly the mother of modern dance. Theodora was much younger and she really wanted to be like Isadora but because of a slight limp she turned to fan dancing. I don’t want to gossip but Theodora was really a maids child that lived in the house. The famous Sally Rand (1904-1979) would try to be like Theadora but the limp set them apart. The fan dance was not nearly as enticing without a good limp.

In later years, after Theadora had retired to her seven bedroom mansion, she collected lovely pink flamingos because they reminded her of her pretend sister. T., as her friends called her, was a bit flighty and maybe a little crazy. Her flamingos seemed to migrate around the mansion from room to room. She would wake in the morning and somehow they would all have danced down hallways to stay in another room. I have come to believe that the ghost of T. lives still and has come live in our park named “The Waiting Room To Heaven”. Our beautiful flamingo makes her feel at home and when any one comes too close to it she slaps their hands and they learn to stay away.

Just for fun!!!



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