The Flamingo Story Continues

We had our first cocktail hour this evening before dinner. There were six of us sitting on the deck of a doll house…not our, not occupied but the dolls that live there did not mind I am sure.

We talked about the usual golf courses (my husband), who had Alzheimer’s (the neighbor) and then writing (me) and books (Judy)we were reading. Judy is taking a class at the University from an authority on China, in his eighties and a retire business man that used to work for the defense department. I wanted to go to one of his classes immediately but she belongs to a group at the college that has the privilege of taking such classes.

We talked about The Tipping Point since we had both read it.

But I forgot to tell them that I had name the Pink Lady. I am sure everyone would have wanted to join in the thought process.

The flamingo that wanders around in our park, naked pink and lit up, has come at last to live in front of our home. Theadora !! I imagine that the real Theadora was once a fan dancer. She lived in the city on the top floor of a sky scraper in a pent house with many windows. She had always been a live wire but did not allow unwanted attention and I think she might have been known to slap a wandering hand.

Our wire flamingo/Theadora is lit by a strand of twinkle light and she has a little electrical short. If you touch her (when the weather is damp or you stand in some water) she will give you a little buzz and you learn to keep your hands off her. I am sure that the real Theadora would approve.

Just for fun.



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