The Flamingo Story Continues

There is a rumor circulating around the park that a flamingo just like Theadora lives here too. I have not actually checked it out but I think it must be true. I have named her Lill even before we meet. And this is how the story goes.

The rumor is that the sister’s namesake, Lill, short for Lithadora, was a wild one in her day!!! She was the maid’s daughter too but she had been given away to the gypsies at a very young age.
When she arrived at the Gypsy camp she spent the first few week hiding in a nearby tree. The Gypsies would see her swing from branch to branch and it was a long time before she came into camp during the day. She traveled across the countryside stealing and camping. She was a dancer like her sister but the Flamenco was her passion. At night you could hear the snapping of her fingers and the clicking of the heels on her Flamenco shoes as she beat out the rhythm and sang the words made famous in Spain. But her nature was even to wild for these wandering people. The Gypsies had tried to tame her but even they could not get her under control.

She finally found her way to the circus where she became the star of the trapeze act and married the fat man. When she finally died, her husband weighed 500 lbs. and apparently the fatter he got the thinner Lill became. She simply vanished one night never to be seen again. Her ghost lives here with her sister and they wander the street at night watching for coyotes and snakes. Lill will occasionally ride on the back of our owl and sing a flamenco song with the tune of the night time breeze.

It is almost serendipitous that along about the time that Lill appeared in the park another flamingo came to live several street over. It had been used hard, did not light up anymore and it’s pink paint was chipping. Just like Lill, it had lived hard and long.

Lill and Theadora….who knew.


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