Buck and Carol’s Trailer Court…Strangers Welcome

They bought the little motor court on the side of the hill for retirement income. Heaven only knows they needed it. Buck was not what you would call a good provider and Carol was at her best when she was doing crossword puzzles and listening to the morning request hour.

The house they had lived in for 30 years didn’t have a foundation but Buck knew they would be moving in ten year give or take a few so he didn’t bother to fix it. When they discovered the court was for sale they were both thrilled. It seemed it was going to be the perfect retirement for them. After all how hard could it be. Mow a lawn or two, fix the fence and the broken window in the trailer they were going to live in. These jobs seemed like such a small thing. But the best thing of all was they didn’t have to make a down payment and the owner was willing to carry a contract.

Buck and Carol’s Trailer Court the sign said and they moved in shortly after Buck gave up his job as the school janitor. The court was almost full when they took ownership but after only a few months the tenants began to complain of broken sewer lines and the unmowed grass with the dead lawn mower deserted in the middle of it. It was winter so the pool had not been heated yet but that problem was also looming. Buck and Carol put the vacancy sign out and several people applied to move in.

The former owners had been careful about their tenants and required some sort of guarantee that if the trailer were parked it also could be removed. But Buck and Carol didn’t see the need. Two strangers to town agreed to pay the rent and arrangements were made for them to take the two spaces nearest the gate. One of the strangers arrived driving a dump truck pulling a small Airstream of a certain vintage behind it. The wheels has tires on them but they were mostly flat and anyone could see the hand air pump tied to the front of the trailer with a small clothesline cord.

The second stranger arrived with a trailer attached to the back of a pickup truck. The truck was smoking as it came to a rest in it’s parking space. The second stranger was a strange duck and his trailer was really a pretend bordello. The pink and white exterior set it off from the rest of the home town occupants places. One of the neighbors was heard to comment that the “paint must have been on sale” and another fell to her knees in prayer.

That was when the real trouble began. Buck and Carol has failed to notice the bumper sticker on the front of the first strangers car. “Nudest have more fun!” it said but after a while they began to see a connection between the sticker and the stranger behavior. Sighting of a naked stranger were made through the front window of his Airstream by the praying woman and her knees were getting really sore. Rumor had it that he liked to go for midnight walks but no one would admit to having ever actually seen him. The local church goers asked Buck and Carol to have the new tenant removed but mechanical problems suddenly came up and the first stranger was not going anywhere.

Even the neighborhood’s other stranger complained. After all there was only so much a man could endure, even a man that owned a traveling bordello. He quit going to the neighborhood church and he took to drink. Beer cans were strewn in his camper and his plumbers tool disappeared beneath the mess. He was handy to have around the court, especially since Buck was just plain lazy. One had to watch him because if he came to do a job and was drunk you might find water everywhere when you turned on a faucet.

As the years went by the residents became accustomed to the pair. The naked stranger mowed the lawn on Mondays and the residents simply stayed away if they were offended. The drunken plumber kept the pool running and fixed the broken windows in the owners trailer. Buck and Carol managed to make the payments every month but only made minor repairs when they were absolutely necessary. After all they were going to die in ten years give or take. When the naked stranger finally died in his Airstream he was a naked. When the owner of the traveling bordello died, he was covered with beer cans and the football game was on TV.

Carol and Buck lived for ten or so more years. The new owners did not see the need to cart the Airstream or the Pink Trailer away so they rented them to strangers. Buck and Carol’s Trailer Court has several other opening I hear. Just call the number on the sign.



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