Dolphin 2002 Motor Home for Sale…Oh the places you’ll go and the things that you’ll see.

Cemetery at San Xavier Mission outside of Tucson, AZ.
by Barbara Torris

Biophere II, North of Tucson, AZ
by Earl Torris

Oh the places you’ll go
and the things that you’ll see….

Dr. Suess

When my husband retired over eleven years ago he received two copies of the Dr. Suess book, Oh the Places You’ll Go. Little did we dream that it would become a mantra for us. Our desire to see those things would carry us to the far corners of the earth.

San Xavier Mission, Tucson AZ

by Earl Torris

Before we retired we purchased a 34′ fifth wheel and a crew cab Ford pickup that had a power stroke diesel engine. My husband got to do “big truck talk” with guys that carried rings of keys on their belt and almost every trip to town had a stop where the hood was opened and grown men marveled at our luck to have such a beautiful truck. The fact that it was salmon pink did not seem to bother them. My husband loved it. The fun had only begun.

Our very first trip in the fall of the next year found us in the Napa Valley parked in the Calistoga fair grounds RV park. At that time you could just pull in, park your vehicle and then walk next door and play golf all day long for about $9.00. We thought we had hit the mother lode. Things have changed a bit of course; the Calistoga fair grounds has full service now, requires reservations and it is so full that you might not get in. Sigh!

We have since gone from a fifth wheel to a camper to a Class C Winnebago and last but not least to our 35′ Dolphin motor home. When we first started, the places to park were very few and far between and some were down right scarey. But as the years have past, RV Parks have multiplied and finding a place to park is not a problem any more. But best of all has been the places we have been and the things we have seen! Hold on to your hat.

We were in Florida at an RV park in Kissemme when we took a bus to the shore across from Kennedy Space Center where we watched John Glenn go into space for the second time. God Speed John Glenn was written across the sky and Katy Couric or someone like her sat in a both talking to a huge crowd.

We had traveled across the country stopping in a place in Wyoming where they sold oxygen because the air was so thin. We stayed on the Osage River in Missouri and camped on the beach in South Carolina. We spent time at Vidalia, close to the Historic Andersonville Civil War Prison camp and cemetery which we visited. We played on military golf courses and watched jets fly over head and wag their wing in respect. We camped on lakes where alligators stole the garbage if you didn’t hang it in a bag suspended in the air on a hook. We visited Warm Springs, Georgia just before Thanksgiving stopping at President Franklin Roosevelt’s vacation “White House” and stopped at the Harry Truman presidential library in Independence, MO. As golfers we have played courses across the country and enjoyed every one of them as well as meeting some wonderful people along the way.

We did not realize what was out there to see. It all just happened. I am sure we missed a lot but then how could we have seen more? We love the memories and the conversations. We will miss traveling this way when our motor home is gone. In the years since we have traveled through out the western part of the United States and even into Canada. I wish I could choose a favorite but it just is not possible. Some of the most basic and lowly camp sites have turned out to be the best. We learned a lot.

We stayed on the inland waterway in Texas in Corpus Cristi, TX. in a trailer park that boasted, well nothing! But we camped on the water and watched fishermen come and go. It was where we found our cat, RV, that now stays at our home in Oregon.

We stayed in Fredrickburg, TX and loved the German community, it’s beautiful antique stores and great German food. We stayed in San Antonio in a 10-10-10 park that almost washed your clothes for you. It was beautiful. We visited the River Walk, Austin and the charming Gruene, TX. where many of our country western stars got their start. We saw some ferocious storms cross Texas and loved the road side signs that said Don’t Mess With Texas. We would not have missed this trip for anything.Cathedral Canyon Golf Course, Palm Springs, Ca
by Barbara Torris

We’ve stayed in San Diego, Tucson, Palm Springs, Mount Shasta City, Ca.; McKenzie, Or; Bend, Oregon. French Camp, CA.; Reno, NV; Crooked River Ranch, Oregon; Okanogan, British Columbia; Payette Lakes, Idaho; Benbow, CA..; Green Valley, AZ.; Rocky Point, MX (Puerto Penasco, Sonora, MX); Vandenburg AFB; Las Vegas, NV and the list goes on and on. We’ve stayed in dusty camp grounds in AZ run by the military, in rest stops on the freeway (once) but we have never stayed at WalMart I am glad to say. We have stayed in Oregon State Parks, once across the road from the beach. The beach front spots were already reserved. The opportunities seem to be endless.

Payette Lakes, Mc Call, Idaho
by Earl Torris

The sunsets never cease to amaze us. Each one a little different. The howling of coyote lull us to sleep in Arizona and the sea gulls woke us at the beach in Oregon. My oldest son once woke from his sleep when he was a little boy and we were at the beach to say, “Look Mom, the ocean is still waving!” Yes it is! I hope you will all see it one day soon.


Note: It is truly a wonderful, beautiful country that we live in and doing the RV travel is one way to really see and enjoy it.

You are probably asking yourself, if this is so great why are you selling your RV and giving up this way of life. Answer: As in all things you reach a point in your life when you want to do something else and we have reached that stage. We still love to travel but now want to reach out beyond what we can reach in an RV and also want to have something a little more permanent so we are considering a Park Model home in a park in the Southwest. Not that we don’t have some questions in our mind as to whether this is the thing to do. You have to make decisions and at the present time this is ours.

Earl Torris


One thought on “Dolphin 2002 Motor Home for Sale…Oh the places you’ll go and the things that you’ll see.

  1. I’m impressed with all of the places you two have been able to visit across this great world. While the miles are few between the old house on the curve in Huntington to your condo in Hillsboro but the memories are measurered in millions. I see that of all the places you have visited Alaska isn’t one of tose places. Should you decide to visit the Great Golden Heart of Interior Alaska we have a nice bedroom waiting. Bob

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