Santa Fe…just a few pictures!

It is time I just let you look at New Mexico without any words…well just a few words.
Remember that the teal greens and aquas that you see on door and in art work was brought here from Spain and the Moor’s that occupied Spain for many hundreds of years. In that
culture it is suppose to protect ones home from the “evil eye”. Here it is so much a part of the landscape one forgets it’s origins.
Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM
from the highway
leading to Los Alamos, New Mexico
The landscape is so beautiful and other worldly with vistas that take your breath away.

Mail Boxes, Canyon Road,
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Canyon Road,
Santa Fe, New Mexico

La Conquistadora
Our Country’s Oldest Madonna

Cathedral Basilica or Saint Francis of Assisi 1869

Please keep in mind that I down load my photos as 5-7 mm images. You should be able to click on them and get a full screen image. Just for your pleasure!!!



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