Window Rock, AZ /Canyon de Chelly….The Blanket, part 2

Canyon de Chelly, AZ
by b

I really do love the blanket we purchased in Santa Fe so much. We have found a treasure and will love it for a long time. But, as in so many cases, there is more to that story.

The Little White Car has taken us from New Mexico to Arizona where we are visiting the
Canyon de Chelly. The whole drive from beginning to end was breathtaking. You spend the better part of the drive on the Navajo Indian Reservation so there are lots of places to buy jewelry and anything else Southwest you might want.

We just happened to choose Window Rock, Arizona. This is the capitol of the Navajo Nation and home to the geographic formation that the community is named for. The rock sits just adjacent to the Dine’ Navajo Indian College .

We could not get enough pictures of the rock and the memorial that sits at it base. The Navajo Code Talkers that gained so much recognition lately are commemorated here. It is such a beautiful setting and says a lot for the service that the Navajo Nation and all American Indians have given to our country since WWI. I could not help but be moved by all the flags we saw flying from the trees and tops of houses in this part of the world. The American Indian warriors are and have been for many years an important part of our military. Indian Americans were not granted citizenship in the United States until the 1920’s, after WWI was over.

Note: Just as an aside I think it should be noted that they sacrifice more lives in the military that any other ethnic group in our country.

Code Talker Memorial, Window Rock, AZ
by b

In Window Rock on Sundays they have a market for the local people in a square adjacent to the highway. People here do not have Target or Kohls and I have a feeling that underwear might be hard to come by…because I have run out of clean clothes and need some. So we stopped to look. I wandered past cardboard boxes filled with dishes, socks and toys but no underwear was to be found. I am washing clothes out by hand tonight.

We wandered on and I bought a necklace and a pair of earrings from a vendor. Then I caught sight of the blanket…our beautiful blankets. I rushed over and checked them out. Then I found the MADE IN INDIA label tucked inside and the price was only $40. We both just laughed out loud. I used to be able to tell when people were lying to me but I must be losing my touch. So you know what we did…we bought another one. They are simply gorgeous and it made us laugh. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I was asked twice by the Navajo people that were working or buying at the market why we were there. “Where are you from…and why are you here?” There was no suspicion in their voices, only amazement. I didn’t tell them I was out of underwear or that I had been cheated on an Indian Blanket. I don’t speak Navajo and I think English would have been inadequate. I simply said “Why I came from Oregon to see you!” One man’s answer was simply “thank you”. I bought a loaf of bread from him!

At the end of our perfect day we rushed to the south rim of the Canyon de Chelly just as the sun was setting. The light was perfect, the air was a little cool, and the Little White Car was very happy.

South rim of Canyon de Chelly, Az

by b

Talk to you later.



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  1. For some detailed history on Canyon De Chelly, this film clip will give you some information. This clip is an excerpt from Edward S. Curtis’s observations of CdC in 1911. It’s part of a much larger film.Canyon De Chelly:Link:Film Clip++++++

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