The Wedding Anniversary

“Love is what makes two people sit in the middle of a bench when there is plenty of room at both ends”

My husband and I have been married for 47 years today! Forty seven years! We sat eating our breakfast (that my husband prepared) sitting in our motor home talking about what we would do today. If we were not humans with a sense of time gone by and time left to go, we would still have been thinking, hoping and dreaming about the same things we dreamed about 47 years ago. It is just amazing to me.

When we married, my husband was in the Navy ready to ship out for Japan. I was just 19 and I wanted to go to. When I retell this story, I am still surprised that we stayed the course. I did not go, I finished college and my husband flew as part of a crew out of Atsugi, Japan in order to pay for my college. The beginning set the course for the rest of our lives.

But what surprises and fills me with wonder is that my husband has put up with so much and still keeps going. I am a very unusual person to live with. The absent minded professor has nothing on me. I left the hot water running the other day when I went out golfing. Now, you have to say, don’t you live in a motor home with holding tanks and the like? Did your motor home flood? Well, my husband seems to know I might do something like that and set things up so the flood did not occur. I have left car doors open and gone shopping. Once I left the motor running while I went into the drug store…of course the keys were in the ignition and I locked the car! It was the hardest phone call I ever made to my husband. There was just no explaining it.

The bank book was never balanced and we were over drawn more than once. I did not close the bank account though and open another unlike a friend of mine. She actually did it three or four times but then she was on her own and didn’t have to explain to a husband…I did!

I have lost and found purses hundreds of times. The fact that I leave sweaters, purses and shopping bags behind but always find them is good for the pocket book but, like a naughty child, I never learned a thing from those mistakes.

I talk….I talk a lot. My husband has had to listen patiently and wait for me to be done in order to join in a conversation. Sometimes he never gets a chance. The men have taken to sitting in a different room. I take some comfort in the fact that other women may do this too.

Somewhere along the line I finally gave up the effort to correct my over riding flaws. We have come to terms with each others failings. I say “I yam what I yam” a lot. My husband helps me see myself for what I am. I am smart, I keep telling him and he just nods. I am a good wife, supporting, helpful, kind. I am creative and talented, something I know for myself without being told.

We have endured because we make each other laugh. My husband has a boisterous sense of humor and our grand children, in fact all children, love him. We simply enjoy the company of the other. When we fight we try not to be hurtful. We still work at our marriage every day of every year. And we dream about what we will do, how we will spend the next few day, and weeks and years. We find contentment and satisfaction in the jobs well done and share and bear our disappointments together.

But most of all we simply love each other.

So Happy Anniversary dear man. I love you still.


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