A New Home for Theodora

Theodora has never really had a home. She was a gift to the man from a friend back one block and slightly to the west. She was bought as a joke just because he desired it. But the man’s woman did not love her and she went to live next door. She had not been plugged in for quite a while.

When the new people came to park next to her, she tried to look as appealing as she could. Desert wind has blasted her pink paint away and the monsoon has rotted her wires. The new woman fell in love with her. She seemed to know that Theodora needed a home.

But then the new lady went home. But Theodora heard that she had promised to come back for the next season. The pink flamingo felt hopeful. The man she really belonged to picked her up and took her into the shop where she got a beautiful coat of pink paint and she sat in the dark waiting for her next move.

The new season took a very long time to come but finally the woman returned and Theodora was brought out into the sunlight once more. She went to live across the street this time, in front of the big motor home and near the little white car. She was so happy and best of all she was lit up every single night. The neighbors complimented her and noticed where she lived.

Tonight she was moved once again. The woman and her husband bought a park model next door to their motor home. She was plugged in and all the neighbors admired her beautiful pink glow on the dark street. Theodora has finally found a permanent home.

Have a wonderful day.



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