Retirement Bliss

We have moved next door. The big white motor home is still sitting next door waiting for someone to come an love it as much as we have. I just got word today that the magazine that it is listed in is in the stores now. RV Trader #48 here in Tucson is where I am told it is listed. I am excited and hoping that we will not have to wait much longer.

I just have this feeling that someone I know will tell some one they know about it, we will reach an agreement and they will get a wonderful RV. We will see.

The little white car that we will sell as a tow vehicle to go with the RV could have been sold several times. I wish I had 7 Subaru to sell!

We have spent the last 4 days moving and cleaning the doll house up. Even thought the family has cleaned the house, there is still a lot of Yvonne left behind…recipe boxes, knitting patterns, afghans. But the fact that there were at least 100 hangers and clothes pin, along with plastic bags galore. We actually found a plastic bag with a receipt from 1986 in it. The vacuum is the same model I used when I was raising my children. It truly is almost like buying a time capsule.

It is just a wonderful little doll house, with one bedroom and an Arizona room. It was manufactured in 1986 so it has seen lots of living already. Yvonne Whitefield of Denver, Colorado lived here with her husband, a retired military man. She has been gone for many years now but her name is still on the little sign in the front. You know the kind…wood with the name burned in it hanging on a wrought iron hanger. We will leave it up. It shows the years gone by and is slowly wearing away. We will call our doll house “The Old Whitefield Place” and we will give it lots of love. Every one knows that Earl and Barbara live it now anyway. We do not need a sign.

The waiting room for heaven is home to us now. At least for part of every year until we simply cannot do this anymore, we will come here. We will visit with friends, dance, golf, read and of course, write. The good thing is, I feel very content. It is the right thing for us now.



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