The Dolls Are Coming Back

the comfort of a familiar face
the joy of a loving voice
the warmth of a welcome home
the people we love.

Today I took stock of what is going on in the Waiting Room for Heaven. The doll houses have stood empty for almost 6 month now. But as each day passes, more dolls return for at least one more year. Things do change and new dolls come to live but the old dolls make it feel like home until the younger dolls need to take their place. And so here is how it goes.

Wanda is back. You remember Wanda traveled the state fair curcuit with her son and the doughnut machine. Now the doughnut machine has been put away for another year and she has come back to the Waiting Room for a little rest. It seems her son didn’t need her as much this summer. Teen age sons have taken most of her job so she decided to travel instead. So she went to (get this) China!

Now you have to remember none of us are young here. And Wanda is really not young. So when she decided to go to China…for three weeks…and shop…in Shanghai it was not a small thing. Wanda is a widow. I have no idea who she traveled with but the idea of her doing this on her own just can not be possible.

But then Wanda does not do things in small portions. Jewelry, clothing, the lights that decorate her house, all make a statement. She just lives big. Hers were the first Christmas lights to go up…before Halloween I think. Wanda wants to keep up with current times so if all the stores do it why not her!

It could be that Victor and his wife may give Wanda a run for her money though. This couple grow peppers and basil in front of their doll house. The same kind they used in their Mexican restaurant many years ago. In fact they have plants growing up to the roof line and along the side of the house. It is, in my opinion, a feast for the eyes. And Christmas decoration? My oh my…there is not a single space on any side that is not covered from the ground up. Victor is very proud. When I walked out to take pictures this evening they were gone or I would have knocked at their door to tell they how beautiful it was. Now they know how to live and live and live. (Smile.)

My friend Carol is back. You might remember Carol from the share a dog scheme. This is a post from last spring:

My friend, Carol want to adopt a ‘community dog’. All of her close friends, except one couple I think, always say no. Beware when she says “I have such great, great news! If you want to help me out with this idea just raise you hand”. You are in deep trouble. Carol wants you to help her raise a dog.

Now I know that we sometimes yearn for a furry pet in our lives, but as we grow older we don’t necessarily want to be tied down or even watch an animal grow old and die. So the community idea of owning a dog sounds so good. You are betting that in the end the dog dies at someone else’s house. And when you think about it, there are a lot of ways to divide up the ownership. One person could take care of it while another could come and clean up the poop (are we just nuts!!!) and a third could buy the food. My thinking, though, is that no matter how you divide up this dog, someone is going to really end up with the dog. One last possibility is that everyone wants the dog to stay and there is a huge fight. I don’t want to mention the fact that the dog might be dumb, ugly, a loud barker, a non-stop barker, or never gets house broken (all things that happened to me). Did I mention that I don’t want a dog.

Carol just lights the park up with her presence. I promise you she would love you too. She is so wonderful. I will say it again, “she is our bright shining star!”

Virginia and Mary (Tuesday Gifts) are both here too. They are the final two of the Slaaty Girls. (Slaaty: still learning after all these years). Virginia is tiny and feisty. Mary is a gentle spirit with a soft voice and an “oooa” before her sentences. We are neighbors now and I love it.

So the Waiting Room is filling up. Familiar faces are everywhere. We laugh so hard sometimes and comfort each other when things go amiss. I am glad you are visiting me so you can follow our lives. Welcome to The Waiting Room for Heaven.


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