# 3 More…The Promise

Tides coming in! The voice startled her from her dream. She looked around to see who had come to sit with her. Then she realized that it was her own voice she heard. Voices she thought voices not our own. From with in. Worth listening to but disregarded. How many times had she done that. The inner voice wasn’t worthy it seemed and she listened to others more willing. She closed her eyes again.

The lawn mower was broken the man kept telling her, looking her in the eye without flinching. The shaft that runs from the engine to the blade was bent and it needed to be replaced…for lots of money. She wondered out loud what would happen if they did not fix it. Smoke, flames and destruction were all mentioned. She pictured the blade flying across the lawn into the adjoining football field in back of their house. Loud, scary and really amazing. She hear herself saying Fix it please. She pretended she did not care how much it would cost and went home.

Wait a minute. WAIT A DOGGONE MINUTE! The lawn mower had been crooked ever since she ran over it in the drive way. There had never been smoke or flames or flying blades. The lawn was never really mowed since that day early last spring. It pruned at an angle. She had come to like the unique landscape it left and she did not want the lawn mower fixed…not at all.

She tried to sound calm, normal, sane when she talked to the lawn mower repair shop. How could she explain that she loved a wonky lawn. The lawn mower was just fine. Sharpen the blade. Change the oil filter and check the other things you always check. Just don’t fix the tilting blade. I like it that way!

Water splashed over her feet and she rose to go. She thought the waves reminded her of her lawn and her tilting lawn mower, so long gone but not forgotten. It was one time she had really listened to her inner voice.


Note: When you click on the label you will find the rest of the story.


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