We love Sunday around this house! It has always been a family day for us. When our children were young, I tried very hard to keep that day for enjoying each other. We did not allows playing away from home and often we would take a special outing.

Now you have to understand that we did sit down for dinner together every night of the week, not just on some special day. We often ate breakfast together and my husband played games with our children after dinner almost every evening.

But Sundays were somehow different. I often got out the good china, made a Crazy Cake for dessert after dinner and lit candles for the table. We pretended to be the perfect family on this day, practiced good manners and kind words.

Then the real world appeared on our door step later in the evening and finger nails got clipped, home work was the topic of conversation and we hunkered down for the coming week. I might add, that because Sunday was the only day in the week that my husband did not have to attend a ball game or a choir concert, we had the whole day from beginning to end to ourselves.

The children are grown, the husband has retired and almost every day of the week could be, for us at least, Sunday. It really is wonderful although I will have to admit that it is not as precious as it was when we had to work. I have good memories of those days. I still have a close relationship with my children and their children. The days of everyone under the same roof is gone. We do not eat Crazy Cake anymore. Toe nail clipping and home work is but a distant memory. It seems that with every wonderful gain we experience a loss. Please know though that my cup is full to the brim. The measure of my happiness is that there is not enough room in my cup to hold all the life experience and some have to be sacrificed to make room for new ones.

Have a wonderful Sunday.



3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Your words are so very true. I tend to wrap my memories around me like a warm blanket. With each new stage of change, there is that feeling of loss. But then, there is the feeling of true joy…the joy in searching for self and finding me again! Also, the joy in seeing my kids and family happy, all reminders of how full life can be! Yes, there may be new ways, new ideas, new friends, new experiences, and we all may have family scattered about, but all of it – the good, the bad, the ugly, give me hope and an appreciation for what has been, what is here today, and the wonderment of what will come tomorrow… How can moving forward be bad? It is the journey, as you say. Live fully. Love fully. That’s what I’ve learned! And tell those you love to do the same!

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