The Promise…"The Season"…Writer’s Island Prompt

She knew they had to leave…the ending for another year. With the ocean behind them she tried very hard to think of the future. They would stop and walk the streets among the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe and Sonny Bono. Windows would be flung open to invite the warm dessert air and she would smile at the glitz and falseness of it all. Fake tans and huge jewelry worn by men would become the focus of the day. But best of all the aches and pains would fade like white sheets in the sun.

They would go to the Thursday market he said. The “Ask the Rabbi” booth would be up and she could get in line with the rest of the semi-sane people. The evening air would invite music from the Andes and Arnold Palmer would walk by. It would be fun…no worries she thought. The future began to come back into focus and the ocean waves and their call of going out and away would fade. She had began to feel like her old self and her throaty laughter filled the air. The new season had begun.

Home for the Season

There was a time when the “season” meant Christmas and snow and shopping. It would be a joyous time of turkey or, if her husband had his way, goose. She would have tried out that new cookie recipe with mince meat in it that the neighbors were raving about. There would be sparkly clothes and borrowed jewelry. They loved the parties and eggnog and smiles all around.

But the new season was the time in the sun with old friends and acquaintances. They would fly home for a few days to share the remnants of the other season. Grandchildren would hug her with joy and she would revel in their love. But as soon as the festivities ended she returned to the other season of sun!



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