Sorry you asked? Oh, that right’s…you didn"t.

I always feel like saying “I’m sorry” when I go off on one of those tangents like I did yesterday. I really should not ride in the car too long when I am not driving. It just gives me too much time to think. I was trying to remember what it was that led me down that path in the first place.

I had just put up my Christmas tree a few days before and I was talking with one of my children about the ornament their piano teacher had given them, very crackled and worn but still hanging on the tree every year. I had sat in front of this same teacher’s house twice a week (two children taking piano) and plucked my first gray hairs from my head. My youngest, now 36, was about 4 and I was 34 at the time. I had a lot of time to think in those days too. That was when I noticed the garage door open on the salmon colored house. Incidentally they even had a car to match!

So when I begin to go on these streams of consciousness I get a little nuts. And Oregon rain makes me more serious that Arizona sunshine. I pay attention to the paper and the news, thus finding that I do indeed have an opinion. If you don’t believe it just ask me. My husband makes that mistake quite often. I am sure he regrets it the minute the words come out of his mouth.

I know, you didn’t ask. Sorry!

Oh by the way, what’s your opinion? 🙂



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