The Perfect Grandma Day

Amanda, Maddie, Elena, Susan
Lunch with the girls1
Christmas 2008

Did I tell you that being a grandma is the greatest thing in the world? Well, I’m just saying! I have spend the whole day being a grandma and I simply love it.

Morning found me at my daughter’s house at 8:45 on my way to a 9:00 a.m. concert at my granddaughter’s school where she sings in the 5th and 6th grade choir.

I can see why Elena loves this teacher. She is just one marvelous teacher. This is a large elementary and she manages the whole student body with no help at all. She had everyone in the school sing, plus the band with a great deal of variety and did it in less than an hour. I thought it was a miracle!

Maddie and Amanda
Keller Auditorium

Then, we all piled in the car and went down town for lunch. The other grandma, Grandma Dottie, my daughter Susan, Elena and Maddie, (two of my granddaughters) and I went out to lunch at a restaurant on a dock in the Willamette River. Then we finally found a parking place on the 8th level at the Keller Auditorium Parking structure and went to see “The Nut Cracker” ballet at the Keller Auditorium in down town Portland. From the professional musicians to the children that joined in the performance it was simply perfect. Our Maddie, aged 4, and Elena, aged 10, as well as we adults, loved every minute of it.

We managed to squeeze in a latte at Starbucks because it actually took us well over an hour to escape from the 8 level of the Keller Auditorium Parking structure. We just decided to re-park and go out for coffee.

Did I mention that is was the perfect “Grandma” day. I do love it a lot.



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