Tongue in Cheek and Corey Amaro’s Vegetable Soup

When Corey Amaro talked today about Seinfeld Soup I could not help but be reminded that we live a lot closer to middle America than we do to Paris. Yes, I have watched Seinfeld and much to my dismay I must admit I love TV. Corey on the other hand does not have a TV.

I always read Corey’s blogs with a certain degree of envy because my life by comparison is so not European. We do not shop daily because our super markets are wondrous. Even the discount market I shop at mostly has a vast array of yogurt and soda pop. We do not eat late at night because our schedule is dictated by the ever present TV. We often eat in front of the glowing screen.

I do not eat truffles or macaroons and I have never been to the south of France. In Oregon it is raining every day from early November to, say, the middle of July and even though we love our little city of Portland, Oregon with it’s European feel and diversity of population, it is a train ride away and a treat instead of a daily part of our lives.

So when Corey posted today about her beautiful vegetable soup and the cold crisp day in front of the fire with a handmade blanket across her lap I had to think…yes, we do love those kind of days too. Even in Oregon, home made soup, a warm fire and a good book are wonderful.

So Corey, this one is for you. Keep warm!



2 thoughts on “Tongue in Cheek and Corey Amaro’s Vegetable Soup

  1. Hi BarbaraMost French people have a TV an eat in front of it too. The French love TV. I am an odd duck. I love TV too, that is why I don’t one, because I would be glued to it…with or without soup.Please could you send the south of France some more rain?

  2. Being a Norwegian, from the most northern part though, I love Corey days.We |have several TVs in our home, I never watch though, they are for the rest of my family ;-)Great and funny post 🙂

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