Looking Forward!

Nine in a Row
My Hope for the New Year
Happy Healthy Grandchildren and Children

Alexis, Kyanna, Maddie, Ethan Connor,

Sam, Elena, Alysia, Amelia

I love a new year! We are only a week away from the mysterious dividing line between what was and what might be. I always feel hopeful and inspired by the idea that we get to begin fresh and the idea that we get to do this every 365 days is just wonderful. This feeling, like the arrival of spring, surprises me every year. It is as though I did not know a new year was coming.

In years past I have learned to paint with oil, gotten organized, read books of a particular genre, exercised daily (etc. 66 times). For some reason I never felt discouraged when it did not work out. I still can not find my keys, I am not a particularly good oil painter and I have never even scratched the surface of all those prize winning books, I exercise a lot but don’t particularly love it. Maybe I don’t set the bar high enough. Maybe that is why I am not disappointed. Or could it be that I walk to the beat of my own drummer and that what I accomplish is just what my subconscious self set out to do. It is true that it is better to have tried than to have done nothing. Something is something!!! Like my favorite blog tag….it’s the journey!

At this very moment my mind is looking at the possibilities for 2008. The decision may not be made right away…not that I am conscious of. I will wake one morning and just know. Until then waiting is the right course. An uninspired decision would not be good. I will say I am hoping that it will be something to do with my writing life. But then, who knows…


Note: I hope your holidays are going wonderfully for you. We are having a ball here in Oregon. It snowed all day yesterday, the gift were just what everyone wanted and we celebrate with reckless abandon. Most of all we are thankful for good health, happy families and the heavens above.


7 thoughts on “Looking Forward!

  1. Have you ever noticed too that the mere act of writing goals for the new year down etches them into your subconscious? And even if you don’t attend to them on a regular basis, it’s remarkable as the year wanes that you’ve accomplished many of them? And when you haven’t it’s not because you are an unmitigated failure but because your priorities shifted?Your granchildren must think it rocks that you blog!My best,Whitney

  2. Yes, Whitney my grandchildren are great supporters. My daughter’s two children once gave me a water proof case for my ipod in case I fell off a cruise liner or out of a canoe. They did want it to get wet. It never occurred to them that I might drown…after all I am a world traveler, or so they tell me.

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  4. Hi Barbara-You have a great blog. I have found that incorporating a nice 5k run or a short bike race/duathalon makes those gym workouts so much more then a gym workout. It sounds like your a women with many goals, maybe crossing a finish line can be a new years resolution.

  5. You solved my mystery with these words: Or could it be that I walk to the beat of my own drummer and that what I accomplish is just what my subconscious self set out to do.I knew my subconscious did all my writing and poetry,they just fall out of my head, but this explains my trying things and moving on to other things and being content. Thanks! And thanks for the visit, too.

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