The Future is NOW!!!!

Some days my life takes a turn that is totally unexpected…well most days it takes a turn that is totally unexpected, but that is not the point. Today when I finally arrived downstairs in my condo at almost 12 noon I went to my blog to see what was going on in my cyber world.

I have a ritual I go through almost daily. I read yesterday’s blog to see how many errors appear and I get a little further away from the writing. I would like to say that I did not make them and the blog morphed on it’s own but then that would be a lie, a big fat lie. Then I go to my Mail to see if my RV has sold, who still loves me and to check on comments made on various blogs I have written. (I love this feature on blogger).

Well, today there was a comment from Teri. Checking on the blogs of comment makers is the next ritualistic move I make. Here comes the “blown away” part. Teri has a blog named
HD DVD PC Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Nanotechnology Lithography Trading.

WOW! Check it out!



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