I Probably Should Say Thank You…Happy New Year

Note: I am so grateful that my son taught me how to do this and then gave me a push off the cliff so I had to fly on my own. Amanda’s willing to collaborate with me has been of enormous help. I wish everyone had this opportunity. To those people that have followed or even checked in occasionally, you have been the encourager that kept me going. A special thanks to family members, Susan,Doug, Larry, Kim, and maybe an occasional grandchild. When they have time to read, I feel so complimented by their attention.

Every one’s doing it…you know, that final round-up of 2007
so we can start the new year with a clear slate.

Eight blogs I posted that might be worth revisiting:

Note: This was such a difficult thing for me to do. I hope that I have succeeded in giving a nod to those people that have made a difference giving me a writing life. Happy New Year!

Russell Kirsch…Inventor of the square pixel (My Hero!)

How to Host a Wake

Serendipity…Discoveries Made By Accident

The Letters…Writer’s Island Prompt

The Promise

Self Full filling Prophecies in Today’s Politics

Heroes (4 blogs)

The Paint Fight for the Red Mosque

Thai People…it’s the journey!

Things I have learned:

I began the blogging journey while I was in China for the Chinese New Year. I had hoped that my granddaughter, Elena, would be able to share the pictures and words with her school. As it turned out the school block this type of thing (not unlike China’s blocking of Blogger) for fear of what harm might be done. I learned that the computer does not guarantee access to my audience.

I only found one sleaze bag on my wandering online but I guess that is some kind of a small miracle. I wrote about him and he did respond. I learned that people that are blogging are also paying attention.

I was was only flamed once, but not badly. However, my daughter-in-law was flamed because someone made the connection between the lost Maddie in Europe and our granddaughter (No Connection People!!!) It is very possible that the flamer could have been found if the person that received the message wanted to. I learned that we need to be very careful what we say and how we say it…anonymous is not necessarily anonymous.

Blogs and people:

I learned about Writer’s Island, Fiction Friday. I connected with Taylor Made Designs (Kristen Yarrington, Boston), Dare to Dream (Whitney Johnson, Boston), Tongue in Cheek (Corey Amaro, France) and keep track of countless others.

I felt such a kinship with Kalilily Time and the authors struggles with an Alzheimer ridden mother and an unwilling sibling. I check back with her blog frequently, following her political tirades and soulful writing with a great deal of interest.

I love comments from the owners of the blogs of from every where on this planet. I follow all these blogs, Those that come to mind just off hand are Firmly Rooted, Guitami Tripathy (India), Britt-Arnhild Lindland (Norway) and her The Blue Cafe blog. I have the exchanges with Christian Long (Texas), writer of Think: Lab. He used to write a blog Beckett To Be, has now moved to a new blog location and now has a teaching position. Jeff Utecht, owner of The Thinking Stick is a family friend and I appreciate his attention. I also wish him well in the years to come. I know he and Danneah will find a new great adventure. Maddie’s Minute written by my daughter-in-law and Sense on Common Sense written by my son are probably the most important blogs in my world and their comments and attention are very important to me.

It seems that windows open and new landscape appears daily. I was 65 when I began writing the blog. It has been very good to me. I have a total of 248 pieces of writing saved, thanks to blogger. My stat counter shows 3362 and people check in from India, New Zealand, Norway, China, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and other locations from around the globe.

So as a final note to myself (because I am writing so I can look back and remember at least part of 2007), the lessons to be learned never end. If we are doing what we should do, we will continue to learn until it cannot be done anymore. However, if we write what we think somewhere, we can even continue to teach far into the future.

If you read this post to the end. Let me know. I probably should at least say thank you.



2 thoughts on “I Probably Should Say Thank You…Happy New Year

  1. Thanks for the generous nod my way, Barbara. Truly.I actually still keep posting to the Beckett-to-Be blog (http://thinklab.typepad.com/becketttobe/) as the little guy makes his way through the world. Now 16 mos old…and defying gravity at every turn. Oh, and “think:lab” is still up and running, too, although I am a bit lax on it now that I’m back in the classroom and not living the life of a consultant.Love the energy/spirit of your writing and observations.All the best from Texas — Cheers, Christian

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