Glenn Miller, would you believe Norman Leyden called?

Photo from the Oregon Symphony
The Orchestra

Norman Leyden called. I had visited the back door of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on New Years Eve to see if I could talk to him in person to simply say “Thank you”. (The Pink Martini 7:00 p.m. performance had just ended.) I left a note, disappointed because I was unable to talk to him but still thrilled with the experience of standing next to Thomas Lauderdale and the entourage that surround performers.

Who is Norman Leyden you are saying…well he was one of the people that arranged music for the Glenn Miller band during WWII. When he plays his clarinet you can hear that beautiful clarinet lead that the Miller band used all those years ago. His talents has not faded and that clarinet makes you want to dance in the aisles.

So when my phone rang yesterday while I was seated in front of the fireplace reading The Secret, I somehow knew who it was. The scribbled note I left him with my phone number on it was actually legible enough for him to read even though it had passed from a stage hand in the alley to someone else before it reached him.

We had a lovely conversation. I have come to believe that we do not say thank you enough, especially to those people that are the most talented and have worked the hardest. Maybe we think someone else will do it. Mr. Leyden knew after we had spoken how glorious his clarinet performance was because I told him so. “You made my day” he said simply. Although he is 90 years old he ended with “I’ll see you next New Years Eve”. Well, Norman Leyden, I will be there if you are! I will be there….

And it is only Thursday!!!


Glenn Miller, wherever you are, sleep well.


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