The Late Arrival of my Soul

What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. ~Yiddish Proverb

Did I just dream it or did I read about travel and our soul. It would have been in a book by a world traveler or someone like William Heat Least-Moon. The concept was that we travel through time and space with our bodies but our soul remains behind for a day or two and catches up later. Now I personally try not to run around without my soul but being a traveling person I may not have it with me and just not realize it.

It explains a lot of things…the way I feel when I am on a new place, some of the decisions I make and above all how I dress. I will put on shorts in the frigid northwest, simply forgetting where I am. Or, like Etta in the post Dressing Like a Clown, I will show up for cocktails with my hair uncurled and wearing something really close to pajamas. I think that no one will notice but I can tell from the fear in their eyes that I am scarey. Now you have to understand that in the northwest, my hair curls beautifully after it is washed. No blow dryer, no curling irons. Here in Tucson my hair becomes a wiry freak of nature, standing out all over my head. No amount of pushing it behind my ears will make me look different. My make up bag, like my soul, does not appear from it’s hiding place for three days at least. Trust me that is not a good thing.

If anyone knows where I read about the slow arrival of a soul after a trip, please let me know. I am on my second day and things are not any better. I am hoping that it is not true. But still I need to get my complete self together. At the very least pray for me!

b 🙂


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