The Waiting Room for Heaven Stories from the RV Park

The Waiting Room for Heaven

Jumping Cholla Cactus, Tucson, AZ

I have written several times about the Waiting Room for Heaven (WRH). My husband and I stay here in the winter. It is a RV Resort in Tucson, AZ and I think it is typical of RV resorts and snow bird location throughout the world. Because the resorts are 55 + we seem to have an inordinately large number of visits from ambulances and
conversations, if you aren’t careful, can become an ‘organ recitals’ of ailments. This is our second year in this particular location so we are just getting to know how things work, the trick of getting along with people when you go on a 6 month vacation with them, and how to deal with the finality of life.

Having said that, I want you to know that we absolutely love it here. We do not worry about the end. We know that this a wonderful time in our life. We thoroughly enjoy our neighbors and friends. I think that if I wasn’t having fun I would never have begun writing about life here. Most of what I write is tongue in cheek, referring to our location but not “telling it like it is”.

At breakfast yesterday, my husband and I were talking about Etta, one of the heroines of my story called The Red Reacher (Awkward Kitchen Obsession), Dressing Like a Clown
and several other labeled Stories From the RV Park. Etta, it seems has taken on a personality, a little unusual but still lovable. Etta is not the She I talk about in The Tooth Fairy and God, etc. Etta it seems is rather tall, probably blond and Scandinavian. Her name, Etta Elen Almquist-Chaney, was a hard choice to make. But for some reason it seemed to fit her like a glove. The sun has always been Etta’s friend so she is, of course, showing her age.

She is somewhat older, an onlooker in a lot of cases. You have read about her traveling to the Waiting Room this winter in a story called The Promise. She might be described a melancholy. I really don’t know why. I don’t know if we will eventually know her name or why she is sad. Time will tell. She has never allowed the sun to touch her skin and knows her way around the makeup counter at Macy’s.

In the Waiting Room we do have quite a cast of character, many with jobs that supplement their income or simply keep them busy. When I write the stories, I am not telling the truth!!! I take liberties with events, make up how people look or react and my imagination runs wild in every story. But the stories generally come from something that happens in the park or in the life before retirement…good and bad.

If I am telling the truth, I will let you know. I think that it will be fun and interesting.

Have a nice day.



One thought on “The Waiting Room for Heaven Stories from the RV Park

  1. Barbara, you know you are living my dream, don’t you? I am so enjoying your stories, I just read the one your wrote after this post, I have to go back and read them all! Our goal is a park model in WA for the summer and then RVing back to FL to work in the winter. I must remember, tongue in cheek Guess I will know what it is really like in late summer.

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