Did the World Stub It’s Toe? Six Quirky Things about Me

I have been tagged by Prats of Retrospection: Emotional Ecology to tell six quirky things about myself. When you go to her blog you will find a wonderful personae living in her body. I loved it!

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Quirky Barbara….

I have been following the world news lately which is very unlike me. It just depresses me so and I feel helpless to change specific problems. So in relation to that here are six quirky things I have come to realize about myself.

1. I am a big picture person. When I write a post like I did when President Bush (a parable) gave his speech the other evening, it was looking at the big picture. I do not have solutions.

2. For the reasons given above I should never, never run for public office. I would drive every one crazy and would not get elected.

3. I am a former kindergarten teacher and everything I know to be true I did learn in kindergarten. The rules were simple, as were the concepts. I know now that when we get in trouble we should fall back on the basics.

  • don’t hit
  • share
  • eat a snack in the middle of the morning
  • crowding in line is only O.K. if everyone in the line behind you gives you permission
  • seemingly all things have pattern
  • hold hands when you cross the street
  • take care of your own business and let others do the same.

4. Seeing patterns in everything is the only thing that will keep me involved in the news. But I am compelled to know everything, so I have my husband read the news paper to me and stop him when I cannot bear any more. Right now it seems the world has stubbed it’s toe. Stock markets are down, terrible snow are killing people in China, Indonesia has had another earth quake and so it goes. Do troubles come in three for people or is it just my imagination?

5. I love to read and do so with an eye to what is happening around me. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell has me looking at todays news in a much different way. I wonder daily what it will take humans to see that the earth is a finite recourse. It does not really matter whether world economies are served by that concept…it is simply true.

6. I have a very soft heart that can be really hard some times. I am a walking oxymoron. While I love children and can’t bear to have laws hurt them I do wonder what part of “illegal alien” people do not get. I think that people should be horribly punished for murder but cannot bear the thought of a human killing another human in capital punishment. I do not believe in abortion but I do know that incest and rape result in awful consequences.

If I could add a seventh item I would say that I never see the world in black and white…not any more. In almost every issue we need to listen before we leap to judgment. Once in a while my younger self emerges and I jump before I look. It generally is not a good thing.

Have a wonderful day…is the internet really cut to India and Africa? Did the world really stub it’s toe?



3 thoughts on “Did the World Stub It’s Toe? Six Quirky Things about Me

  1. That was so wonderful and so refreshing..I love the way you get your husband to read the nes and then stop him midway….I am so like you when it comes to seeing the world in a bigger format…can’t think of solutions that can help though…And your soft nature shows in your posts….there’s so much warmth in everything that you say or do…all the bestAnd thank you so much for that pep up

  2. Barbara — I got the tag. I am SLOW in responding. The market has been crazy; will post and tag back this weekend!WhitneyP.S. I liked your — the world has stubbed it’s toe…. better than a broken foot?

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