My One Year Blogging Anniversary!!!!

On year ago today I began this blog. I was in Shanghai, China and I stood at his kitchen bar as my son ran me through the basics. I named my blog right on the spot, not realizing how important it would be to me. Now I have sat and written over 280 times and nearly 4000 people have clicked on the blog. How cool is that????

Check out this blog. I found it today and will be writing more about it later. If you are fiction writer, this post and those from the main page are very thought provoking.

Talk to you later.


Fiction Writing ~ The Passionate Journey! The Blog of Writing Coach, Emily Hanlon: A Question on Interviewing Characters


4 thoughts on “My One Year Blogging Anniversary!!!!

  1. Wow… was that a year ago. Sometimes it seems to be a lot longer! Congrats on your year anniversary and your blogging success. You’ve been a good student who has surpassed her teacher!Andy

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