A Vote for Valentine’s Day….Fiction Friday

He knew the pressure was on. Valentine’s Day was coming, jewelry stores were advertising diamonds for the one you loved and he knew she said she needed a new clothes line. Diamonds or clotheslines. The thing was he was not even sure which one she would want! She wanted a soldering iron for Christmas but was disappointed when the silk scarf in the front window of Day’s Departments Store was not in the package. The poor man was clueless.

He was beginning to think it was a test. When she said grass seed what she really meant was dinner and a movie. The fact that he didn’t see the connection was his problem. She knew he was smart and should be able to get it right. Then there was the time when she asked for what she really wanted and he didn’t purchase it because she never really wanted what she asked for. His sisters just laughed when he tried to find out how to be a husband and his mother, who taught his wife everything she knew, raised an eyebrow and told him to pay attention.

Now the Valentine’s Day crisis was approaching again…it happened every year much to his dismay. He developed a rash and started coming home late. What was he going to do? Grown men had run away but he didn’t think they did that when they really loved their wives. Most men learned to expect to disappoint their wives. They even made a game of it. He, on the other hand, was willing to believe that some wives loved clothes lines just as much as diamonds. There had to be a logical answer he told his friends. They just grinned. They thought he was clueless too.

When the day arrived, he woke in the morning and greeted his wife with a cup of coffee in bed. He handed her an envelop. It, he knew, would be the perfect gift, the one she could not turn away. When she opened it she saw the words I love you and a hundred dollar bill. The perfect gift at last.

His mother was so proud, his sisters were amazed and he was a happy husband. He knew she liked it because he saw the look in her eye before she protested and tried to give the money back. He almost reached out to take it but, as it turned out, he was not as clueless as they had all originally thought.

Happy Valentine Day.



6 thoughts on “A Vote for Valentine’s Day….Fiction Friday

  1. I don’t get women who confuse – there’s nothing mystical about it, just damn frustrating and aggrevating if you ask me. If she just wanted money why didn’t she just ask for it??I never expect the perfect present – I drop large hints or attend the shopping trip so I get what I want – but that’s just me.I liked the bit where he asked the mother what to do – and playing along (with what seems to me to border on a conspiracy) told him to pay attention. Why would someone do this to a man they loved?As you can tell – well written – because its really got my goat!!

  2. Cute story, but one question: Clotheslines are not that expensive (unless they have to be accompanied by a new back yard), so why not get both the diamond and the clothesline if he thinks she also wants diamonds?

  3. D’oh! I read clothes line – not as Hills Hoist, but as a ‘line of clothes’ – which seemed to be fitting for someone struggling between the choices of diamonds or clothes.Thanks for your comments on my story Barb … and thanks also for sharing your story with your hubby (my partner is yet to read my offering this week!) I look forward to sharing lots more!

  4. I’m with Jodi, I don’t get women who do this either. And it seems they’re the first to get mad when some dippy man has the guts to say that women are manipulative. Go figure.I think the diamond and the clothesline would have been good too… or maybe clothes line and a cute teddie for those on the kinky side of the spectrum. :)As for me, my husband has made it a tradition to cook dinner for me on Valentine’s day, and to me that’s the only present I ever care about.

  5. It is truly difficult to figure women. I for one hate baubles. Be it real ones. I prefer books at any given time. Men don’t understand that either.I don’t blame them. After growing up with three brothers, I kind of understand men!10 to 10

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