Changing the Skin We Live In (Writer’s Island Prompt: Change)

Giant Redwoods…the road to change!

I have read that our bodies create a whole new being every few days. All the cells produced with in the last few day will be replaced by new ones by next week. I don’t know if it is true but I like the idea. So I will not do any research or challenge the concept. I will, for my lifetime, become a flat earth believer in that regard. That I have the opportunity to change my whole body in that short of a time works for me.

Change for the sake of change, I am sure you will agree, is not the way to go. I feel a little like Ben Stine must feel when he has a really good rant. I like Ben Stine, his monotone way of saying things. Most of us would yell his monologue I think. Ben Stine would probably say that we need to talk less about change. It is too absolute and well, unchangeable. I find myself agreeing with what I think he might say. Oh my gosh, have I changed that much? Am I getting conservative in my old age?

Ben might or might not acknowledge that I/we really do need a whole lot of new body cells every week. It would depend on his mood that week. Even though we do not like it when we get old, even the remote possibility that we can change in any way does help us keep going. When we say I am too old and I cannot change now, someone will groan. Changing somehow keeps us alive, healthy and youngish. It is a renewal of sorts. While we agree with what Ben Stine could possibly think, we know that some things should not stay the same.

So in this season when our government begins it’s long journey toward a time of change, whether it be a simple shedding of its skin or a total renewal of its body, we are asked to look very closely at what changes we would chose. As for me, I personally am hoping for enough change to make a difference. I guess that is not too much to hope for…in government or in a myself.


note: If you did not hear Ben Stine’s monologue about his wife and Valentine’s Day on the Sunday Morning show, please look it up and read it. I cannot find it yet online but CBS will have it sometime in the future. It was so dear and absolutely true. Thank you Ben Stine.


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