In the Middle of the Room…3WW Prompt

Flowers never apologize for
their beauty or
the sting of the bees they bring. They simply abide
in the garden
until they are gone.


This week’s words are:


Why is it that some of us have such a hard time giving an apology and other of us seem to apologize for living and breathing? Being less that perfect is not a bad thing. The fact that we either will not admit being wrong or admit our mistakes upon waking in the morning before any mistakes have even been made is truly strange.

Have we ever considered the fact that we learn from our mistakes? Isn’t it so that “sorry” is over used and underrated? So there must be a place in the middle that we can meet. We don’t need to stand at distant corners of the room, one of us always right and one of us sorry for just about everything. Let’s stroll confidently toward each other, each secure in our rightness and wrongness but without apology or denial. Let’s not say “sorry” for things we didn’t even do or point out each others faults. Let’s just live together in peace.




7 thoughts on “In the Middle of the Room…3WW Prompt

  1. i have always been more than willing to accept my part in anything… i feel being imperfect is so much easier to live up to than striving for feigned perfection… very nice post.

  2. If those of you that posted comments to this 3WW blog and receive follow up emails, thank you for your interest. I loved your take on the blog.b

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