Looking Back in Time…NASA and Hubble Telescope

I was just reading the NASA website talking about what the Hubble Telescope sees in outer space. It truly looks back in time seeing what happened over 12 million years ago. Now have you ever just imagined that you were out there and not here. If you were 12 million year away and had your own Hubble Telescope, you could have a complete and perfect answer to all the questions about creation, the big bang, fossils, dinosaurs and Dick Clark! Don’t you just love thinking about it. It would seem to me that even though there are unanswerable questions, from where we sit anyway, out there in the universe there are answers. All we have to figure out how to do is go far enough away and look back at where we came from. We too could learn from the past if we did that.

I get the feeling that there is a lesson to be learned here. Give me some time and maybe I will see what it is.



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