Motor Home for Sale

Class A Dolphon Motor Home 2002
Subaru Forester Tow Vehicle
20,000 miles (approx)

The information is on Sell It Now Motors (click here for listing information and pictures).

I have a motor home listed with Sell it Now Motors. This is an online website that sells automobiles, boats, RVs and other things with with and without wheels. The listings for “featured” RVs take up 61 pages alone. So when checking on a listings without going to your personal “garage” or items for sales turns out to be a trick.

Last Thursday I went to the website without going into my personal information and, you guessed it, the listing was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!!! I am sure it is hiding there somewhere but if you are just looking at Class A Motor homes, for example, even looking at 2002 you will not find it. Well maybe I should say I could not find it and I was looking for it specifically.

We are very interested in selling this unit and are using every avenue possible short of parking it on a corner with a for sale sign on it. We are willing to negotiate price, take a trade in. The reason we listed with this particular company was that they offer financing and will transport the coach to the buyer! They also offered a refund after 3 month if it is not sold. If that actually works I will let you know but the caveat that they could change the policy any time and the fact that our period for requesting the refund actually fell on a holiday will probably make that impossible. I am not hopeful about that.

But I am hopeful about selling the motor home. I think that the blogging community will make that happen. I somehow know that someone I know through the blogging world will send a buyer my way. Let me tell you right now, this is a wonderful opportunity for someone. We have what they want and after we negotiate, they will be able to afford it. Sell It Now Motors will have the financing they need. It is a win, win, win!



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