Christmas 2007

When my grandchildren are cute I just feel this sense of joy wells up in my chest. I would say that my children’s cuteness was a minor deal in comparison. Why? Well because with my grandchildren I am only dealing with cuteness…there is no residual concerns about other things that happened in the day. Being a grandmother is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

The grand experiment called marriage/parenthood began 47 years ago and although the memories are clear, the emotion are not. So it is as though we are getting a second chance to learn from and love our children/grandchildren. We remember our children’s childhood while viewing our grandchildren antics.

I have a file on my computer of all my grandchildren’ s pictures. They are all so sweet and beautiful, and cute. They make us so proud. We think their parents are the best and that to makes us proud. The grandchildren work hard at what they do, fail and succeed much like anyone else’s family. There are disappointment in the family that make us all stronger and wiser. What doesn’t kill us, as I have said before, simply makes us better. And I can tell you for sure, no disappointment is going to kill us. We will make lemonade every time.

But cuteness cannot be topped. I suppose you all know that during the 1940’s there was an experimental theory that promoted not spoiling children. It included not cuddling or indulging children at all. Talk about a bunch of hooey! I just cringe to think about all the children that didn’t get to be cute or indulged when they were cute. My mother thought it was so cute when my children dumped the Grapenuts all over the kitchen floor. I was not quite as enthusiastic as she was but I did know that she was right! She called it “being busy” and “really smart children are generally curious and busy” she would say. I was dealing with “busy” on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis…the cute boat had sailed.

Now my grandchildren number 8 with one more due any day now. And I, like my mother, think that cuteness is the frosting on the cake.

Considering that I was 19 when I married, an only child and raised in a very rural community I think the whole experiment been a great success. My grandchildren are proof of that!



8 thoughts on “Cuteness

  1. Made me smile, Barbara, as I have an only child and no grandchildren yet, but my mother saw the cuteness always. (He extended the cartoon contest until the 13th.)

  2. My parents would agree wholeheartedly — and then offer to swap computers so you could check out their grandkids while they did the same to yours…They weren’t amused by the Grape Nuts, though. Although I didn’t use Grape Nuts.But me, I’ve been known to laugh when that’s happened. Because, hey, how else do you learn?

  3. Seeing my kids through their grandparents’ eyes is so wonderful for me. Like you, they see only brilliance and cleverness and extreme cuteness. It helps me to focus on those things as well.Grandparents rock!

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