This is really “Déjà vu”!!!

Baby Brayden David
Grandson just as miraculous as the Easter Season.
This is grandchild number 10! We love him so much.

Congratulation Larry and Kim!

Would you believe that I erased yesterday’s blog. It was the one about a light year and the thought that humans believe that the universe might be finite. Much like those that feared for Columbus and Vikings and other explorers of their universe. They thought they might find the end and it would mean certain death. I do not think there is an end. I think that if we go far enough we will indeed come back to the beginning. It might be that somehow if we got far enough away we would see that everything under over and beyond the sun go full circle.

I loved the idea that if we could see through the eyes of god, we would know that it was all about repeating the cycle. Like spring and the rebirth of life we find hope and solace in the idea that with every small death a new life begins somewhere. I posted the link to Writer’s Island and it was called Déjà vu”.

But now it is gone…forever! Now I know why authors keep copies of everything they absolutely love. I did like that post.

The Scrawl post from yesterday:

When a baby is born

Do the Angels sing?
I thought I could hear their voices
Raised in harmony,
Singing a lullaby to a baby born.

We saw his face
Sweet and beautiful
Our hearts sang
Love filled our hearts.

Tears of gratitude
Promises fulfilled
A family complete
On this day.

We reached to touch
The hair on the top of his head
The light from the room
Sent a glow for all to see.

Perfume filled the air.
All of the senses were satisfied.
When the Angels sang
On the day on the day he was born.


4 thoughts on “This is really “Déjà vu”!!!

  1. Congrats on the new Grandbaby! That’s so wonderful – he’s precious. :)I can relate to the whole loss of an entry that was well loved. It’s a real bummer – I’ve started printing everything out and keeping it in a notebook. Well, the stuff that really matters anyway. 🙂 I like your version of “Deja Vu”!

  2. Darling child and mother! Lovely words! Dang, losing a post is not fun… I make an e-book of my blog a couple of times a year… it’s a way to prove ownership and a way to keep things from the fog of cyberia…

  3. Congratulations. What joy – your poem is lovely.I write on Word then paste onto my blog. That means I always have a stored copy. I also keep paper copies. I’m determined never to lose anything!

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