A Dinner with Betty Crocker

I really have already posted twice today. This is just too great not to share with you all.

I had dinner with “Betty Crocker” tonight…really!!! Our hostess at Easter Dinner this evening was the one that signed her name “Betty Crocker” and when you called the company, she told you what to serve for dinner when the Governor came to call. Really!!

I know! It is just too wonderful. She is a beautiful woman and worked for General Mills during the mid 1980’s. There were actually 3 different woman that filled the role in those days. The pictures you see are composites of the women of their times and a real “Betty Crocker” never existed. “Betty Crocker” was at one time a gray haired lady with a bun. Now she is an olive skinned woman with black hair. So in the 1980’s when you called the company, Jane may have been the one that answered your questions and gave you the recipe over the phone if you insisted. She had the right answer for you. She remains a woman that makes you feel at home and very comfortable. Now tell me you aren’t impressed!

I thought I had a picture of Jane but I cannot find it. I will add it tomorrow. But for tonight you have just got to go WOW…Barbara had dinner with a real live honest to goodness “Betty Crocker”.



One thought on “A Dinner with Betty Crocker

  1. and the absolute funniest thing i can say is my ex mother in law and her mother are both named betty krocker… same pronunciation as betty crocker!!!! tell her i said thank you for her wonderful inspiration and years of service… i don’t cook much anymore but when i did it was her red and white checked “notebook style cook book that i used!!!! i don’t know what ever happened to it… but i know i got many a good recipe out of it!!!

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