Etta Gets a Comment or Two

Now I am sure that you can understand how the comments from yesterdays blog made me laugh. Truly it is just wonderful that several of you had good ideas where Etta could go to live. Ohio was mentioned by Paisley as a possibility. Pia though Alaska might work. One More Believer said “dang those comments were hilarious!!!… i sorta love etta… eccentric people make me sing… of course, if etta came to idaho she’d probably fit right in.. she wouldn’t like my neighborhood filled with cats and dogs too numerous to count… well, maybe she would be welcome. what a great story… thank you it was a good read”… I would agree that Idaho might take her in and she would probably always be welcome there no matter what. The Traveling Chica, thought that the “her first husband’s second cousin’s nephew” was about as low as a girl could stoop.

Over the month as I have written about Etta and other character that are or have lived in The Waiting Room for Heaven, I have found that the almost real along with the surreal that fills a place like this does draw people in. It seems to be to be a place where all worlds and after worlds meet.

Thank you everyone for your comments. Send your friends all over and let me tell them a story or two. Maybe, if we work together, the world will understand the world of aging population and see the humor. Trust me, that is important. Most people don’t see aging as a laughing matter. Not even a little bit!



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