Semana Santa…Easter Holy Week 2003

The year year was 2003 during Lent. We were on the Costa del Sol when the USA and their allies invaided Iraq. We watched as the war unfolded before our eyes. Our son and his family was living in Saudi Arabia and the joined for a vacation during this period of time. We visit Cathedrals and historic sites through out Spain. All the while we were spellbound as we listened and watched as the Easter season unfolded. This is just a small part of what we saw.

During the week of March 20th we saw a storm of biblical proportions hit the coast of Spain along the Mediterranean. . It was a difficult and turbulent time for their people.

Costa del Sol Spain

The people had taken to the streets to demonstrate against Spain’s involvement and more than 75% of the population was in opposition to the commitment that their leaders had made.

Demonstrator in Malaga, Spain

We stayed in a timeshare near the coast and toured the Malaga Cathedral, taking pictures of the interior in all it glory.
Pieta, Malaga Cathedral

Cathedral(La Manquita) of Malaga interior.
When the day came for us to leave it was very hard. Palm Sunday unfolded in front of out eye as drummers, costumed marchers and a beautiful float bearing Jesus riding a donkey under the shade of a palm tree. I will never see the Easter season in quite the same way.

Palm Sunday Procession
Benalmedina, Spain
Religious float (tronos)

Nazarenes or penitents (these were women and young girls)

During the procession”…bugles and drums play marches and the procession stops at key points for a solo religious song, the saeta.”

Eglesia, Arroyo de Miel
Benamedina, Spain

When I look at these images now, I am still amazed at the beauty of this place and the people that inhabit it. I have not told you even a small part of this story. Maybe another day. Just focus on this day and it’s power.


Quotes are taken from a website called I greatly appreciated the information.
Pictures are my own. Please do not copy them.


3 thoughts on “Semana Santa…Easter Holy Week 2003

  1. B, I always enjoy experiencing holidays away from home. Easter in Spain looks beautiful and spiritual and triumphant, as it should be.I will be on a plane to Argentina this Easter. I wonder how American Airlines celebrates Easter? I can only imagine it won’t be memorable!

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