We Travel Together…Writer’s Island Prompt, IIIWW

Brayden David
Beautiful Baby

Writer’s Island:
Lost Highway
Three Word Wednesday:


Is truly a mystery to me how I can be in two places at one time! Mysterious indeed. I am here in Oregon visiting my grandchild, a beautiful and adorable little guy to say the least. I came alone and gave my husband a week of total freedom.

Still when I wake at night I am quiet, I do not bounce on the bed as I get back in so I won’t wake him up. I hear him moving about and seem to have conversations as though we are together. A parallel universe seems to exist, one where we are together even when the space in miles is huge.

Is this the way it will be when we are one of us alone? Will we hear each other’s voices in the night? Will we have conversation that no one else can hear and then wonder if we are losing our minds? While I hate to play it forward to that place and, as my daughter said recently, maybe we will not ever have to face being along, I find a certain amount of comfort in the parallel universe. The fact that the ones I love have become so much a part of my being that they are always with me, no matter which lost highway I travel, is a miracle of sorts.

The fear of being alone is what old age is truly all about. Truly, I do not mind the wrinkles or the aches and pains. But I am not good alone. But with age come wisdom, acceptance and strength…even to me. Being alone is not as frightening as it once was. I hope my wonderful husband feels the same. The fact is I am not going anywhere ever. The flower may fade but the image remains forever.

Have wonderful day.



5 thoughts on “We Travel Together…Writer’s Island Prompt, IIIWW

  1. That was wonderfulI actually love being alone as long as I know I can see people when I want–and sometimes feel way too connectedI do mind the wrinkles–my mother lived to 86 without any. But she was a model for good living and I…

  2. i think the reason aging is more acceptable to you,, is that you are not alone… for those of us that are it can be a very scary place to find ones self… i for one am just recently feeling alive again after a full your of living thru an inordinate stream of guilt and grief and looking back…i hope so much that some day,, i will either not be alone,, or truly,, in my heart,, make a choice to be alone,, and not be hedged out by circumstance…

  3. There is a huge difference between being alone and feeling lonely. The latter defies choice and is a dark place. The first can be a very peaceful state of happiness.Lovely, thoughtful posting. Especially liked the questions!Gemma

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