Prompts at Work: Writer’s Island, Fiction Friday and The Scrawl Etta Has Flown the Coop

Writer’s Island Prompt: Flight

Finding the right flight to that part of the world was not an easy thing. It wasn’t that it was out of the country or even on the other side of the country. I was just that she was a bit confused, she knew how to operate a computer and she hated to talk on the phone. Oh yes, and she always wanted to go through Boise, Idaho. It could be that she was a bit obsessive compulsive when it came to Boise. In her world it just had to be.

Etta was of an age and temperament that she could not go a lot of places. She had in a number of cases simply made herself unwelcome. In others the physical discomfort kept her away. Her world was shrinking. Less foods that can be tolerated; dislike for the color blue, loud people, children, dogs; poor driving skills…all these losses limited the boundaries. So when it came to airplane travel there was a lot to be considered.

This particular flight was taking her to her find a distant relative that she had not met before, the first husband’s nephew’s second cousin, she needed to go east but she was south and Boise was due north. Getting her computer to give her a flight itinerary that would fulfill her requests became a problem. It seems the computer felt that it was a waste of money, not the right direction and did she have a credit card with enough money left on it to pay for the trip + hotel+limousine ride to the community? That didn’t even include the fact that she needed special food and there absolutely could not be any small animals in cages in the plane with her. Etta kept putting the numbers in and the web site kept suggesting she contact a travel agent.

She had been having the “skunk lady’s” husband to do this sort of thing before but she had burned that bridge and she was pretty much out of friends. She needed to move out by the end of the month. She was really embarrassed that she had forgotten her clothes the day she wandered out at cocktail hour so she hadn’t been out lately. It had taken Etta a long time to accomplish what she had accomplished. Because she could be so charming, painting herself into this corner had taken a lifetime.

The solution she came up with was nothing short of genius…she simply went to the airport with her bag at a logical time and began buying tickets, any ticket that took her in the right direction. Airport employees were a bit cross about the food demands and passengers became impatient with her but Etta was unfazed.

It was a long day. Boise was still where it should be and arriving at her distant relatives door did happen. But that is another story.


I wrote this for the Writer’s Island Prompt but will add the ending to the story for Nathan Melcher’s The Scrawl Prompt tomorrow. I also like to write for Fiction Friday and found this fit perfectly with this weeks prompt.


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