The Gongoozler Poem

Foxton Locks image from

Have you ever met a Gongoozler
She asked the one legged man.
He lived in Fradly Junction
Just past where the Rochdale Canal ran.

It was a gongoozler lived in shadow
Of the Foxton Locks guard house
The Flkerk Wheel was turning
Nearby the sign Mardi Gras.

Have you ever met a gongoozler
That loved his Fonseranes drink
He floated the Canal du Midi
And drown in the wet we think.

The one legged man from Stafforshire
Was on the way where the Gongoozler passed
He would not say what happened that day
It just didn’t seem right to ask.

The Gongoozler cards collectors circle
In a fit of greed and matlesards
Broke into the Key Bridge Museum
And stole all the Gongoozlers cards.

Gongoozle is an interested canal watcher
They tell me although I really don’t know

I live in Oregon near the ocean
Where not on canal does flow!

Minutes of the Gongoozle Canal Card Collectors Circle Somewhere in England. “The Circles April ‘Get Together’ this year was held at Kew Bridge Steam Museum and many thanks are due to Martin Thompson for making all the arrangements. 21 members attended what was a very interesting day, being shown around all the various types of working steam pumping engines, and I am sure many Canal Cards changed hands on the day. Subscriptions for 2007 are £7.00 (pound sterling) or $14.00 (US dollars).”

Just a bit of silliness on this Friday.



One thought on “The Gongoozler Poem

  1. One of the joys of living in England is having access to the many miles of canals which criss- cross our entire country. Once they were the motorways of commerce, but now a playground for holiday makers – such as me!

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