Sunday Scribblings: The Corral

Pictures of Tucson Corral in afternoon light
by b

Sunday Scribbling:

When I wander among the cactus
watching, scanning the place between my feet
I look up to see the perfect shadows of the fence row.
Shadows lengthen as the day ages
And colors appear as though painted
from a pallet mixed painstakingly.
The hand of man has not touched
The colors.
Nor has he composed the setting.
The hand of man has only tried
to corral it’s beauty.


On another note: Did you notice the side bar addition I put on a couple of days ago. The music from seems to find a way to provide a back ground for the posts. Although it has no way of choosing what it is going to play with the writing, I have tried to pick songs that have a certain ring. I love music of all kinds and Chinese Folk music seems to find it way into a play list with Hank Williams and Diana Krall. I have it playing now on another tab in my Foxfire account. Wonderful!

It is Sunday, I am enjoying the absolute quiet of the Waiting Room for Heaven here in Tucson. Almost everyone has gone back to their nests in the northern US and Canada. We remain with a few others. It happens so abruptly. People go without good-by or I’ll see you next year. I always say don’t go! but they have grandchildren or lawns or a dentist appointment or a doctor’s appointment of some kind. Still I think don’t go, please don’t go! Don’t leave now. The fun has just begun.

Have a wonder day and enjoy the pictures.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings: The Corral

  1. Hank Williams is the proper music for this post. Is this post just a fence-post of that corral that frames the beauty? I shouldn’t try to pun about such an outstanding piece with beautiful poem and lovely photos. I enjoyed it very much.

  2. The pictures are fabulous and your writing always entertaining and fun. However, the most interesting thing that happened to me tonight occured when I first clicked on your blog and heard “Havana Blues” in spanish. How did you know I was coming at that exact moment? “B you have psychic powers,” I thought to myself. 🙂 All kidding aside…your travel blog is truly inspirational.

  3. the poem was breathtaking,, to see such beauty is a gift… and the play on words with the corral its beauty,, and the wooden fence corral in the pictures was a delight…. having lived most of my life in florida,, which is totally a “snowbird” state.. i was always thrilled when they left.. i felt like i got my home back…..

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