Politics, Travel and Taxes

Is it Wednesday yet? I want Bone to post the prompt for III Word Wednesday so I can begin on Tuesday. Am I just being impatient for something I love? Yes I do believe that I am.

Hillary in Pennsylvania…just amazing. Could it be that persistence will pay off for her, that the country will see how strong a woman can be, that politics is about all Americans, not just those from California and Maine, or men, rich and powerful? When we see that states like Oregon or Pennsylvania might count would be the election that I really am interested in. Oregon votes on May 20th this year. That ballot will be filled with local items, school elections, referendums and, on this year, primary elections. Generally, the whole thing is over before Oregon ever has a primary election. It could have been that it was all over before Pennsylvania voted. In fact, by the time most of us vote in the national presidential election some national network has already declared the winner. But, if this primary race is any indication, we might decide to watch until the last vote is counted.

Isn’t filing your taxes amazing any more? We file online…or at least my husband does. We have the money removed from our checking account almost immediately and refunds come in almost as fast. Wow!

I have had a great week. Summer has arrived in Arizona and temperatures have been in the high 80’s. We play golf, sit outside late in the evening and look at the stars. I can not tell you how I revel in Summer no matter what the month is. In fact in Oregon it is very cold still. We will leave next week and stop in Las Vegas for a few days. I love to go home to our family but I do not like that after we hug and visit for a while I cannot not even leave my house unless it is in the car because it is raining so hard.

Thank you all for the comments on recent blogs. I appreciate your attention.



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