saying goody to Tucson…all it has to offer

On the road in our Dolphin Motor Home
(check above link for all posts about this motor home)

This last week has been a whirlwind of good byes. We have bought pots to take home for gift, I had lunch at the Arizona Inn with friends, we golfed, partied, packed, read. I sent my soul on ahead of me so when I arrived home in Oregon I would be ready to go at it hard. As you can guess we hit the road running once we have unpacked. There is a whole other world of friends and family waiting our return. And certainly that beautiful new grandson is waiting. But in addition to that my granddaughter will be playing baseball, my family from China will arrive before long and grandchildren on the other side of Portland need to be hugged. So my soul cannot arrive late…it needs to be there and ready to go!

Arizona Inn
Tucson, AZ
Rated one of the best small hotels
in the United States

Friends gather to taste the beer.
Nimbus Brewery

We are on the road again with the RV!!! I have tried to sell it all winter with no luck. Maybe we should have taken it to a lot to be sold on consignment. But then your guess is as good as mine.

The road is beginning to appeal to me again. Maybe we just needed a break and a change of routine. As it turns out, being in one place has allowed us to form good friendships that will last a long time. There is something about living so close to people that does that to you. You will either love the neighbors or you will run screaming into the night.

A few days in Las Vegas will finish the winter off and then we will return to Oregon where, as I understand it, it is still winter anyway. Summer, like my soul, is very late arriving most years.

The Waiting Room is very quiet now. There are only a few of us left to keep things alive. Tonight we will celebrate a friends birthday and go out to dinner with another couple. Then, as suddenly as it all began last fall, it will be over. The other life awaits.



3 thoughts on “saying goody to Tucson…all it has to offer

  1. My wandering spirit is envious of your freedom … still there will be a chance to indulge those yearnings one day.That is one amazing motorhome. We had planned to tour Tasmania in one on our recent holiday but we weren’t able to get the one we wanted and as it turned out, with Dylan being quite difficult for the first part of the holiday, the novelty of a motorhome would have worn off pretty quickly.Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts too.

  2. Jan, yes we are very happy with our life. The RV is gorgeous. Even after owning it for several years it smells new when we enter the front door. Thank you for your comment.b

  3. i always thought that when i retired i would load up the motor home and hit the road… but with money what it is and the price of gas… i think i will have to live vicariously thru you!!

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