I wish I could up load pictures for you. I am on my husbands computer and so the pictures will have to wait until I can do that. I would go online and get some but the internet connection is so slow I can’t do that either.

I came to Las Vegas the first time almost thirty years ago and it still surprises me. Every time we come I think, OK, they must be done now. Boy have I ever been wrong. We see these casinos being blown up on TV and expect that a new one will take it’s place. But we never expect the amount of building they can do on so little ground. I have taken pictures of construction that just blows my mind. We ate at Trader Vic’s this afternoon. Sitting on the deck of the restaurant, which is incidentally part of Planet Hollywood, you looked across the street at the Belagio fountain. On your left where the old Jockey Club used to be, are an assortment of buildings under construction that are going to be just awesome. The Golden Arches loom high and are crowded in between two other huge casinos. Jimmy Buffet’s Margartitaville sets on the street and you walk near the street to avoid the possibility of drinks spilling in your hair. A man invited us into Casino Royale with the comment that “It is lots of fun even for people from the midwest!” I laughed for two block. College students (science majors I think) were talking about mathematical knowledge, using words I didn’t know the meaning of. One young woman said I reminded her of her college professor. We sat next to a pool shark at breakfast and went to a pool tournament to watch the action.

This is definitely not a place for children but Circus Circus has for a gazillion years managed to attract people with families and still provide a huge facility that include arcade game and the like. But men on the street are passing out prostitute cards and the Flamingo features pole dancing. People with little children asleep in strollers wander up and down the street.

Our RV park is a KOA park just next to Circus Circus and about the only way you can arrive on Las Vegas Avenue is to go through the casino. It is a maze and we have spent at least 30 minutes three times trying to find our way through. It seems to me that it is a fire trap but maybe I don’t know what I am talking about. Most of the casinos are very confusing…they keep you there as long as they can.

We were able to walk most of the way today but a good pair of walking shoes are necessary.

Pictures will follow in a few days. Have a wonderful day.



3 thoughts on “LAS VEGAS!!!

  1. My mother-in-law took me to Circus Circus many moons ago. I loved Vegas, and loved the 99cent Shrimp cocktails next door to Circus Circus. We kept finding excuses to go in that hotel just to grab another one… pre vegetarian, I couldn’t get enough of them.Continue to have a great time!

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